Constance Cumbey Responds to Phelps' Claims She is a Jesuit

Wednesday, May 11, 2005
Laugh until you cry!

Tongue in Cheek Reporting – More on Eric Jon Phelps and Crowd
IN MY NEW AND LOFTY POSITION AS 'Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor Constance Cumbey'

Well, folks, this is my second blogspot for the day, but as you will read below, this one could not be resisted! Laugh until you cry—I have!

Well, one certainly needs a sense of humor to survive the antics of the Eric Jon Phelps and his Catholic/Zionist bashing branch of the New Age Movement. Periodically, I put my name in on to see what is being said and today I made a most interesting yield. It seems that I have a very high ranking position in the Jesuits, and/or maybe even Opus Dei itself! I am, per Eric Phelps and buddies, the "Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor Constance Cumbey."

Well, since I have been given that lofty title by Mr. Phelps and his friends who for the reasons shown below is obviously a high ranking Jesuit by the standards he has set forth, I have been thinking about changes I am going to make with all my new-found authority. Since "judgment begins at the House of the Lord," I will start among my new order itself. Here are the immediate changes I will make starting with the Jesuits and moving on to the larger Roman Catholic Church:


Jesuit priest Mitch Pacwa is immediately discharged!! His disinformation book on the New Age Movement, Catholics and the New Age disrespectfully urges people NOT to read Constance Cumbey. Further in that book, he said another Jesuit, Teilhard de Chardin, a fellow-traveler with European Theosophists of his day, "saved his faith" by so loudly proclaiming cosmic evolution and about Matthew Fox, he wrote, "Is Matthew Fox a New Ager? That’s hard to say." Since Matthew Fox and his Bear & Company have long been since a prominent part of the New Age Movement, that’s not hard for any honest person to say. Out goes Fr. Pacwa. And by the way, acting in my new authority as Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor Constance Cumbey, I hereby proclaim that he may no longer appear on EWTN networks of Mother Angelica. We will not tolerate such disrespect here in THE ORDER!


Detroit area University of Detroit must IMMEDIATELY make some sweeping changes:


A professor of management, Michael Whitty, is hereby immediately stripped of all tenure and discharged. He has been a notoriously open New Ager since at least 1980! He was an enthusiastic participant when Detroit’s Unity Temple brought Benjamin Crème to Detroit to promote 'Maitreya the Christ' on November 4th, 1981 and remains active to this very day in the New Age Movement as well as with Matthew Fox, a now defrocked former Catholic priest who is today an Episcopalian priest. (But since the Jesuits created the New Age Movement, per Phelps, maybe he is an Episcopalian Jesuit priest, rather than the defrocked Dominican priest he purported to once be—maybe they are all Jesuits!)


The Jesuit priest Rev. John Saliba is hereby immediately discharged for his two-faced international activities on the New Age Movement—friendly to Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor Constance Cumbey and critical of her in the British press where he obviously considers the New Age Movement a positive force for both the Church and humanity at large!


Cardinal Mahoney of Los Angeles, Bishop Gumbleton of Detroit, Fr. Thomas Berry, Fr. Thomas Keating, and Fr. Basil Pennington are hereby summarily discharged and excommunicated!


I immediately demand my fair share of the Vatican and Jesuit moneys—since they control the World Bank—I will accept my tithes of all moneys deposited therein!


Bro. Eric Jon Phelps is immediately discharged from the Jesuits. Since he admits he is published by a New Age Magazine, Spectrum Press, and now tells us that the New Age Movement is controlled by the Jesuits, he is obviously is a Jesuit himself. Therefore, in my new and important rank as Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor Constance Cumbey, Eric Jon Phelps, you are immediately discharged from the JESUIT ORDER OF ST. IGNATIUS LOYOLA!

And, last, but not least, exercising my new found powers as TEMPORAL COADJUTOR CONSTANCE CUMBEY, I hereby summarily and immediately dissolve the New Age Movement in its entirety and discharge Javier Solana as Office of the High Representative of the European Union (he’s just another Jesuit, you know.).

Well, friends, sorry for the spoof, but it was either laugh or cry over the exorbitancy of the lies told by this bunch. I weep for those honestly buying into Eric Jon Phelps and his lies calling for a bloodbath of Catholics initially and everybody else eventually. I weep for those who will have honest discourse challenged as 'hate speech' because everybody is lumped in with this bunch.

Have a good – and a sobered up day!
May 11, 2005